ANAMADeco Wood creations, was created in 1999 by people with years of experience, knowledge and talent in the field of wood working.

Our team consists of experienced wood specialists, working on wood field from the early 60s until today, creating unique wooden structures bases on the needs and dreams of each individual client. ANAMADeco is always adding new people with fresh ideas that are in line with modern trends of the design world today.

At ANAMADeco Wood creations, we study ,process and manufacture furniture that are born from a thought , an idea, a desire. This is the reason that makes us abstain from mass production and we see a wooden structure like a new unique creation tailored to your own tastes and needs. So everything starts from a single piece of wood and results to a unique wooden structure.

Our goal is to makes your ideas come to life related to any type of furniture , object or special wood-based construction.

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